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A POWERFUL Online 2.5 hours 1-1 support session to ENABLE YOU to Take Charge & Eliminate the Impact of GRIEF has in your Life! Our Focused Mindful Aware Life Learning will not just make you stronger in this session but will actually transform your pain into acceptance.


With Mindful Aware Teachings (ASK M.A.T) Life will be such a Blissful Journey & You will Be In Charge of it!

Learn how YOU can fill Your Life with happiness well-being and Meaningfulness! by Saying NO to GRIEF and Yes to Life!

Grief can be Transformed into Meaningful Expression of Love

"I lost my husband nearly 8 years ago and only experienced 1.5 years of marriage. As a newly married women it's certainly not what you would expect and as tradgic as it happened and it was out of my hands. What I didn't know back then 8 years ago around moving forwards with loss to what I certainly do know now in supporting so many out of this pain and fast... is what I can only express is a blessing for anyone's future happiness to leading their best life away from such sadness and loss.

Ask yourself this if you are in grief. Is this what your loved one who has passed away would want for you to be in so much pain? As I said of course we miss the ones we love but we don’t have to exist in the pain of the loss....loss can be the biggest Strength especially when love is involved. What if there was a way to move higher away from the pain and fast? Well thankfully there is a way...' 

- Deborah Macken | Master Counsellor, Expert Coach, Master Healer & Teacher of Mindful Awareness


Key Benefits of 'Grief No More'

Clarity on Cycle of Life & Death

Understand Real Living

Understand Why It Hurts

Create Deep Acceptance

Focus on Being More.. Being U!

Resolve the Guilt of Moving On

Allow LOVE to Decide not Sorrow!

Learn to channelise Grief Energies

Remove Limiting Beliefs & Conditioning

Grief is the process of emotions that we experience when our important relationships are significantly interrupted or (more frequently) ended, either through death, divorce, relationship breakups and similar happenings. Grief starts when someone or something we care deeply about is lost to us. We do not grieve for all lost relationships; instead, we grieve only for those that have become important to us over time. These can be relationships with people that we have strong connections to, such as family members, spouses, children, significant others, and friends. In many ways, we live our lives through our important relationships. Our relationships can define us and they become intimately intertwined into our sense of self (or self-concept) and are a living part of us. It is painful to lose one of these key relationships, because with the loss of such an important relationship, we also feel like we lose an important part of ourselves. 

Grief is always going to come to us at some point and pain with happens inside each grieving person's sense of self which is personally wounded by such losses. The work of grief is the personal work of healing and re-growing within yourself.

Grief ends when we have gotten past the need for the loss of the other person but always hold them in our hearts. This doesn't mean that we stop missing when we think about all our losses, it only means that we are no longer crippled by the loss & We Are In ACCEPTANCE.




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Katrina Livingston


I found Ask life clarity through a friend of mine who knew I was suffering so badly with Grief. My friend told me that maybe speak with these people and see what comes of it, don’t rule it out as you have tried so many things to try help with your grief. I am a mother of 2 and lost my husband one year ago very tragically nobody was expecting to hear the phone ring and get such awful news, this was the worse day of my life. So I registered with Ask life clarity to see if they could help me in some way or even just

someone to talk to. Well all I can say is that I cannot recommend the Ask life clarity people enough. After receiving a call from the team already I felt relieved… I actually couldn’t believe the difference in myself. I had two sessions with the amazing Krishiv AnantaGuru and wow what an amazing person he is I feel so so happy that I took this step to contact Ask life clarity because now even after two powerful and uplifting sessions I am already taking massive steps forward. I really am so grateful. Thank you so much Ask life clarity and Krishiv you have changed my life for the better including the acceptance of my


Declan Kenny Stanford


Thank you so much you have no idea what you guys have done for me, thank you is just not enough. I lost my daughter in car accident 4.5 years ago and that was the end of me. Both myself and my wife just could not cope and all the problems that came with the loss after that. Our baby girl was taken only minutes from our house and we could not have saved her. I found Asklifeclarity through a YouTube video and wasn’t sure who or what they were so I looked into this. I seen what they do and of course I will do and go anywhere for help to try and ease this pain I feel inside. I registered with Asklifeclarity and wow what an amazing turnaround. I feel so so happy and in complete gratitude. Deborah at Asklifeclarity thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting what was a very dark time in my life into a brighter future. Myself and my wife are no longer together but we are friends and that makes me also so happy I feel anything is possible after speaking with Asklifeclarity.

Paul LM


I saw Deborah this week suffering with grief and another Christmas to deal with. I cannot recommend this women enough. I have lost 3 people over the course of 4 years all family members. I was literally devastated and so alone. How do I get over these losses always the question I kept asking myself. It’s like a never ending sadness. I have been to grief counseling on and off over the years and still not near to the place I wished and prayed to be. I just want peace I wanted or at least away from the sadness. Whilst it is always nice to talk to someone about my family losses but I was always back to the same feelings of sadness and alone. I was recently given Deborah as a reference to check out. I was just fed up talking about the same losses and spending money every time repeating theses sad events. So I took the step again and decided to try new person. I am only saying this lightly because I could write about my experience with Deborah page long but words don’t cut it for how she has supported me. I walked in the door like the saddest person in the world and nearly 3 hours later I am feeling like a new man and laughed more with Deborah than I have in years. Deborah you are incredible and what a way you have in your approach its priceless. Also thanks for the many encouraging kicks you gave me to get me to this place of peace and start getting on with life. I know my family will be so happy seeing me this way and also smiling at you with big thumbs up…saying that’s the way to do it. From the bottom of my “Now” peaceful happier heart THANK YOU.

J Gordon 


Crippled with bereavement and loss. After arriving for my first session extremely anxious, not knowing what to expect I was so thankful I arrived to Deborah. At this stage of my life, I had become very stressed and depressed. Deborah listened to a nervously explained and mixed up story of what was going on in my life and supported me through my experiences with exceptional transformations. Deborah gave me so much support in my mind even within the first half hour I wasn't alone anymore with this support and care this had more of an impact on me than any other support I have ever had. Deborah has helped me to get back to a normal daily life so fast and I am now putting a new future together for me. Thank you Deborah for your support it's invaluable.James

Karen Morgan


Two months ago I was referred to Deborah for 1-1 session regarding my grief. Deborah in one session literally cleared my sadness around the death of my mum wow and after 12 years just like that I am feeling peace. Deborah had suggested the I-Am Infinite course and I just had to look into this. I felt that whilst I am at peace with my loss I am not sitting well with the way my mind and thoughts are going and this just felt right. Yes Deborah you delivered again and yes I am again overwhelmed at how you support even with such a powerful and fun teachings and learning’s on myself and everything we humans endure it just works. It was a fantastic 4 weeks and I for one can never go back to my old way of thinking how can I with all that I know now. It just makes perfect sense. Deborah thank you and I can’t wait for whatever else you have up your sleeve. Count me in. K Morgan

Faye Sumner 


Grief can take over your life, when you have hurt and pain already it can destroy you if you let it. I was lucky enough to come across an amazing lady Deborah... and her team of angels that help people regain their clarity about what life is all about... I cannot even put into words how much their support, knowledge, guidance and love has done for me at what has been literally the worst time of my life. I'm finally feeling and getting back to my true self. I ask anyone who is suffering internally in any way to contact these wonderful human beings at Ask Life Clarity. You can regain your love of self and of life with their help and support, I promise you that. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart Deborah and team Ask Life Clairty and the amazing KrishivAnantaGuru... Keep up your amazing work and one day I hope to help people the way you do. Love and light Always ❤❤

Donna Doyle


I had a online face to face support call from KriShiv AnantaGuru I was anxious, unsure of this possibility of clarity because I am years searching and looking for it and support and no doctor has helped me only giving me medication and to see counselors so what could someone possibly say to change things this time....I began speaking of a person who destroyed as usual just to speak of him I felt racing heart shaking hands, anger bubbling inside... I just cannot take this anymore it’s all so difficult and he is never going away. Well 20 minutes into my one to one call with KriShiv AnantaGuru my whole body calmed down......I nodded yes every single time with KriShiv AnantaGuru it’s like he could see inside my heart and soul I agreed to very single sentence. I was shocked and my head was nodding my mouth was smiling relief was outstanding.... breathtaking....... KriShiv AnantaGuru made a beam of positive life run through my chest with the clarity I have received which replaced the dreaded anxiety and dread of another mindset is completely changed for the better it’s all I wanted for years and could not find the way. A blessing maybe a miracle what happened on that intense beautiful life changing hour. 

I am truly honored to know the amazing Deborah at Ask Life Clarity through a friend who referred me to her and then I attended a very powerful event in March she hosted in Dublin when she came back from India called SimplyFly it was just amazing in every single way for the Mind and the Body. Just so grateful to have had this powerful one to one with KriShiv AnantaGuru online and workshop with Deborah truly privileged.....both 2 are incredible spirits their team at Ask Life Clarity what they do is exceptional and wanting only for my happiness and clarity...unbelievable I will take with me forever it’s up to you to use these amazing tools of positive, logical mindset thinking KriShiv AnantaGuru makes you see the truth whether we like it or not but it’s what I was afraid to face but I am so happy I did. 

Deborah came into my life showing me the way forward I spent years on someone that just didn’t care at all for me god how I suffered and now I’m in gratitude for the learning’s and lessons I have had on all of my past with this person because it has got me to this beautiful place. I really have learned great lessons because of my ex husband I am just delighted with myself as I know exactly where I am now. Their logical and simple way of thought process is spot on and beams fully to carry through everyday life. I’m still speechless I suppose and the best ever now than I have been for a long long time pain and suffering can make you doubt......but their way of supporting you to see the truth for me personally is priceless take it all in such relief and clarity so much love to Deborah and Krishiv AnantaGuru ....2 incredible souls.... 2 rainbow beams really. I have no words enough only pure gratitude. Donna xxxxx


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